Helmut Traxler-Turner

Headmaster of the musicschool Kapfenberg

Helmut Traxler- Turner was born in Kapfenberg and studied flute and church music at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz under Prof. Gottfried Hechtl. Some milestones of his remarkable career are gratuation with excellent success, honorary prize of the Austrian minister of science and research. He is founder and leader of "Collegium Vocale Leoben", has won several prices at international choir competitions in Rome, Riva del Garda, Prague, Bremen and Graz as well as the special prize for conducting at the chour festival in Prague 2001. Mr. Traxler-Turner also joint master classes for conduction at Howard Arman and Carl Högset. Till 2007 he was teacher at the music school in Leoben and Kindberg as well as at the Dioseces- and Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory Graz. Since 2008 he is chairman of the musicschool Kapfenberg. Leader of the Symphonic Orchestra Kapfenberg and the chamber choir "collegium vocale kapfenberg"