Zoltán Füzessery

The Hungarian pianist Zoltán Füzesséry was born in 1979 in Budapest. He received his first piano lessons at the age of 6 from Enikő Akácsos and went on to study piano under the instruction of Katalin Halmágyi at the Béla-Bartók-Conservatory in Budapest. As early as 1992 Füzesséry made a name for himself as the new star of the young generation of Hungarian pianists, when he won the Hungarian State Competition at the age of 13. In 1998 Zoltán Füzesséry was admitted at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. He became a student in the class of Alexandr Satz. After only two years he won „GET WINGS II”, an international piano competition held by the Steinway-Haus in Vienna. He furthermore received an honorary diploma by the International Schubert Competition Graz 2000. In 2001 Zoltán Füzesséry won third place at the International Schubert Competition in Dortmund. The jury of this competition was composed of world-renowned artists, all of which were deeply moved by the subtle, spiritually transfused style of the young pianist. Furthermore Füzesséry won second place at the Giuliano Pecar Piano Interpretation Prize in Gorizia and third place at the Ibiza International Piano Competition. In the summer of 2004 he was selected among 237 applicants from all over the world as one of 36 young pianists to participate in the International Piano Competition in Sydney. At this competition he reached the quarter finals. At the Clara Haskil Competition in Vevey he managed to achieve the same level of success. Apart from numerous solo concerts in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia and Belgium, China and Taiwan Zoltán Füzesséry has performed with renowned orchestras such as the Wupperthal Symphonics, the Dortmund Symphonics, the Lublin Philharmonics, the European Youth Chamber Orchestra of Styria, the Danubia Symphonic Orchestra and the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra. For the past five years Zoltán Füzesséry on the piano and the cellist Kerstin Feltz have maintained a fixed working partnership. His first solo album with works for piano by Franz Liszt was released in 2004. From 2006 until 2012 Zoltán Füzesséry teached at the Ernő Dohnányi Conservatory in Veszprém/ Hungary. In March 2007 he graduated from his university in Graz. Since then he primarily dedicates himself to teaching, as well as to his musical career giving concerts. Since 2012 he became piano teacher at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz